AttaBear! Employee Recognition 2012

Recognizing Exemplary Employee Dedication and Service

Atta Bear is a hand carved wooden bear clad in Mountie maroon and is awarded monthly to a Mt. SAC employee, group, or department that demonstrates the Mt. SAC spirit, outstanding service to the college, and/or extraordinary teaching. The current Atta Bear recipient selects the following month’s recipient. In addition to the bear statue, each honoree receives a congratulatory message on the college marquee, a framed award, and other forms of recognition like this one.

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November 2012: Terri Long

terri long receives attabear awardInstructional Services Dean Terri Long has been selected for the November Atta Bear Award by October recipient VirginiaVillegas, who wrote: “I have had the pleasure of working with Terri for the past few years. She chairs our monthly division meeting and has been such a huge advocate for us all. She listens to our concerns, and I appreciate her willingness to go to 'bat' for us. Over these past few years we have been able to improve our processes because she sees the value of us sharing what we do in our individual offices. I also appreciate that she is quick to respond whenever I have a question. Thank you, Terri, for all that you do. You are well deserving of this recognition.”


October 2012: Virginia Villegas

virginia villegas receives attabear awardTechnology & Health Division Administrative Secretary Virginia Villegas has been selected for the October Atta Bear Award by September recipient Electronics Professor Jonathan Hymer, who wrote: “I have worked with Virginia extensively over the past seven years as both a faculty member and a department chair. She is the glue that holds the division together, which is quite a challenge, considering its scale with 13 departments, over 50 full-time faculty, and well over a hundred adjunct faculty and professional experts. Yet Virginia manages to carry it all with aplomb. She possesses the organizational ability, time-management skills, and attention to detail essential to accommodate a wide variety of personalities and agendas. Virginia is also the institutional diplomat and public face of the division, always representing the organization in the best possible light to its many external stakeholders. She deserves special acclaim, for she has repeatedly proven herself among the best in the business. Public recognition of her indispensable contributions to the institution will ensure that Mt. SAC accrues good will from its diverse constituencies for many years to come.”


September 2012: Jonathan Hymer

jonathan hymer receives attabear awardElectronics Professor Jonathan Hymer has been selected for the September Atta Bear Award by August recipient Chris Schroeder, who wrote: “Jonathan is a great mentor, colleague, and friend. He is always willing help others regardless of how busy he is, especially during the start of a semester. His commitment to student learning and helping students reach their educational goals is a great example of how our core campus values and mission statement are taken to heart. He is not one to toot his own horn, so I hope that this award will help say for him what he will not say for or about himself.”



August 2012: Christopher Schroeder

chris schroeder receives attabear awardIT Network Administrator Christopher Schroeder has been selected for the August Atta Bear Award by July recipient Melissa Haro, who wrote: “Chris always goes above and beyond to help things run smoothly at the key counter. Whenever I run into a computer glitch with my key access control system, Chris is there in a jiffy and gets everything running again, always with a cheerful smile. He makes my job easier, which makes everything easier for the whole office. I’m very thankful for all his efforts. Well done, Chris!”




July 2012: Melissa Haro

melissa haro receives attabear awardFacilities Planning & Management Account Clerk Melissa Haro has been selected for the July Atta Bear Award by June recipient Melissa Haro, who wrote: “Whether it’s requesting keys or queries about locations on campus, Melissa is willing to help. For the short time that she has been part of the Mt. SAC family, Melissa has shown real dedication to her job. She makes requesting keys a very easy and pleasant task. Needless to say, she is willing to help and work with everyone on campus with a smile. Melissa is truly deserving of the Atta Bear!”



June 2012: Sabeena Soni

sabeena soni receives attabear awardContinuing Education Clerical Specialist Sabeena Soni has been selected for the June Atta Bear Award by May recipient Greg MacDonald, who wrote: “I've had the pleasure to work with Sabeena for almost five years now, and I have to say that she is as thorough, even-tempered and kind as they come. She is always available at a moment's notice to put in the time needed to complete projects on deadline, and she does it without ever letting you see her sweat. I consider Sabeena to be a coworker who has become a good friend, and I am grateful for our career paths intersecting. Enjoy this award, Sabeena!”



May 2012: Greg MacDonald

greg macdonald receives attabear awardState award-winning Graphic Designer Greg MacDonald of the Marketing Department has been selected for the May Atta Bear Award by April recipient Teresa DeLaby, who wrote: “My job intersects with Greg’s in the area of class schedule production. I truly appreciate Greg’s flexibility and accommodating nature, and I’m sure my colleagues in the other divisions would concur. His willingness to delay or even run extra downloads, and to manually incorporate last-minute changes, result in a printed Schedule of Classes that is as accurate as possible. Greg embodies the ‘awesome spirit’ and ‘delightful service’ for which the Atta Bear Award is intended, and I happily pass it on to him!”


April 2012: Teresa DeLaby

teresa delaby receives attabear awardHumanities and Social Sciences Administrative Secretary Teresa DeLaby has been selected for the April Atta Bear Award by March recipient Ron Norton Reel, who wrote, "When I think of a person who is always supportive of full-time faculty on an equal basis with part-time faculty . . . who is always delightful in her service to staff, administrators, students, and faculty . . . a person who meets the Mt. SAC core value of positive spirit . . . I think of Teresa. She has been a member of the Mt. SAC family since 1992 and has served in her current position for the past eight years. When you need something done in your department or at the divisional level, you turn to Teresa to point you in the right direction. There is no “i” in Teresa. You find Team, Energy, Respect, Excellence, Satisfaction, and Ability from this deserving Atta Bear recipient.


March 2012: Ron Reel

ron reel receives attabear awardCommunication Professor Ron Reel has been selected for the March Atta Bear Award by February recipient Arnita Champion, who noted: “Ron is the ‘Reel’ deal! He is the one who inspired me to give my all to the Mt. SAC family and stand like a ‘reel Champion!’ Whether I am in the classroom, on the stage or simply attending a staff meeting, I am always reminded of how Ron modeled and instilled within me what the ‘Mt. SAC Commitment’ looks like. What resonates in my heart is his passion and ability to bring faculty, classified and management together to form lifelong relationships in "one night’! He has shown me what having an awesome spirit truly is! Without a doubt, Ron is truly deserving of this symbol celebrating his gifts, talents and his heart!”


February 2012: Arnita Champion

arnita champion receives attabear awardCareer & Transfer Services Job Developer/Counselor Arnita Champion-Carter has been selected for the February Atta Bear Award by January recipient Martha Ramirez, who noted: “Arnita is an excellent choice for the award, because she assists the bookstore with finding seasonal employees. Arnita really loves her job. She is dedicated, positive, hospitable, and energetic. After I leave her office, I feel happy and confident we will get a big pool of job seekers, and we always do.”




January 2012: Martha Ramirez

martha ramirez receives attabear awardBookstore Customer Service Supervisor Martha Ramirez has been selected for the January Atta Bear Award by December co-recipients Executive Assistant Susana Andrade and Secretary Lucy De Leon of Student Services, who noted: "We have had the privilege of working with Martha for the past 10 years. Her outstanding customer service and understanding of student needs has always made her our 'go-to' person at the SacBookRac. Whether our requests are for special projects, donations, or emergency purchases, Martha has routinely come through for us with a smile. You can be guaranteed that she will always go above and beyond the call of duty. Sometimes you can even catch a glimpse of her cape! We are sure that it is not just our office that has benefited from Martha's outstanding customer service and attitude. I'm sure many on campus would agree with our nomination."

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