Mt. SAC Emergency Management

Mt. San Antonio College offers outstanding educational programs and services, a dynamic and diverse student population, and an exciting and active community surrounding its beautifully landscaped campus.

As fortunate as we are with such a dynamic and diverse environment, there are also challenges we face on a daily basis. As a result, Mt. SAC faculty, staff, and administrators work in collaboration to ensure a safe campus and educational environment. The Department of Public Safety, the offices of Student Life, Risk Management, Health Services, and Marketing work in concert to provide safety, emergency preparation, communications and emergency services.

Emergency Resources

Public Safety

The Public Safety Department is responsible for the safety and security of all members of the College community. Every effort is made to inform students, faculty, administrators, and staff members of criminal activity or any other concern that may be an immediate threat to the safety and security of those on campus.

Health Services

During medical emergencies, the Student Health Services office should be notified immediately at 909-274-4400 or call 911.

Public Safety should also be called for serious medical emergencies after business hours and on weekends at 909-274-4555 or call 911.

What To Do In Case Of ...

link to earthquake information
  • • Take immediate shelter under tables, desks or other furniture (remember duck, cover, and hold on procedure).
  • • Evacuate the building when safe to do so, assisting any injured or disabled people.
  • • Proceed to the nearest evacuation area identified on the campus map.
link to fire information
  • • Activate The Nearest Fire Alarm Box!
  • • Call Public Safety at ext. 4555 and report the location of the fire.
  • • Evacuate the building and assist disabled persons.
  • • Close all doors when exiting the building and proceed to nearest evacuation area.
link to active shooter information
  • • Take cover!
  • • Call Public Safety at ext. 4555, report the disturbance, and exit the building when it is safe to do so.
  • • If outdoors, leave the immediate vicinity of the disturbance and take cover.
  • • Remain in a safe cover position until Public Safety arrives and follow their instructions.

Additional Resources