Media Services

Hours: Monday – Thursday 7:30am – 7:00pm / Friday 7:30am - 4:30pm

24-hour voicemail available, extension 4270Material ResourcesMedia Services has a collection of over 5,000 videos, 50 laser discs, and a limited number of CDs. We currently do not have a collection of audiocassettes, DVDs, or cdroms. There are two catalogs located on the counter in the Media Services Department listing most of our titles. We are currently coordinating with the library so that all media materials will eventually be listed in the electronic library catalog (Webcat).Our most recent purchases can be found in the library Webcat (electronic library catalog) and can be accessed from anywhere on campus or at home at

  • Click on the link to search for materials in the Library Catalog
  • At Search the Library Catalog, type in keyword, browse, or exact, and click on search everything, title, series, etc. (Typing in a keyword and clicking on "search everything" will give you the greatest number of selections.)
  • Or you can do a more inclusive power search by clicking on that tab or browse by call number.
  • Remember to choose "Media" as your library source in whichever search mode you choose. This will eliminate all but the Media Services collection.
Materials can be ordered in three ways:
  • Advance booking by semester. These are ordered on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper one semester in advance. The Summer Session and Fall Semester requests will be due sometime in March. The Spring Semester requests will be due sometime in October. A letter is sent to each of the faculty reminding him or her of the due date each semester. Advance booking assures your materials will be pulled and waiting for you on the dates needed. All materials are booked according to the date received.
  • By phone (no waiting period but a limit of two items per phone call). There is no guarantee that your materials will be available for you.
  • At the counter (no waiting period but a limit of two items per visit). There is no guarantee that your materials will be available for you. (LINK TO FORM PAGE).

There is a limit of five videos total that a faculty member can have out at any one time. All faculty have a one-week checkout period. If any of the faculty requires an additional week for a video, he or she must call the office on or before the due date to see if that video has been placed on reserve. If the video is available, faculty may have a one-week extension only. If someone has requested the video, it must be returned on time.

Departments booking materials for all faculty teaching a particular class can book videos for two weeks at a time, with a one-week extension. All faculty that will be using the video(s) should be listed on the request form. Otherwise it will be assumed that the booking is for one individual and the one-week limit will apply. There is no limit on the number of videos a department can book at a time. Department bookings should be done before the deadline to assure availability.

Letters are sent to all members of the faculty each semester notifying them of the deadlines for department orders.Equipment Resources Media Services has a wide variety of audio-visual equipment available for booking. The equipment must be requested before 10:00am of the working day before it is needed. Monday's requests must be made before 10:00am on Friday. (Saturday, Sundays, and holidays are not included.) Media Services can book only two separate requests at a time by phone. The staff will request the following information:

  • Name
  • Date(s) of booking and day(s) of the week
  • Hours the equipment is needed
  • Building and room
  • Number where you can be reached if additional information is needed
  • Type(s) of equipment
Note: Every classroom on Mt. SAC's campus should be equipped with an overhead projector on a cart. These carts are to remain with the overhead projectors. Please do not remove the projector from the cart. Every classroom should also have a screen.Equipment requiring advanced booking would be:
  • Monitors/VCRs (some departments have their own, such as English, which has its own system for reserving equipment. Check with your department chair.)
  • Video projectors
  • Slide projectors
  • Laptop computers (in limited supply)
  • CD/Audiocassette players
  • Laser Disk Player
  • DVD Player
  • Camcorders (VHS and digital)
  • PCs or MACs w/ data presentation projectors checked out on a day by day basis
  • Data presentation projectors (for those who have their own laptops)
  • Digital cameras
  • Camcorder, VCR, monitor on a cart set-ups
Some items are heavily booked so we recommend that you reserve needed equipment as early as possible. Certain items can be reserved for a limited amount of time only. Check with the Media Services Department for details.Other Services
  • You may place any videos you own on reserve at our desk for your students to view.
  • You may assign your students any of the videos in the Media Library to view in our department. (Students may not checkout videos, but we have four stations for student viewing.)
  • If a student should request a video to use as part of a speech or oral presentation, we request that you check out and return the video for your students. Faculty must also order equipment needed for a student.
  • You can make an appointment with the media technician for training on equipment.
  • For bulb replacement in audio-visual equipment or if you have a technical problem, call x4270 for assistance.